Dry Creek Bow Company

Chris Hackworth
​(903) 271-7578

1739 Hagerman Road  |  Pottsboro, Texas 75076​

Built by a bowhunter for bowhunters
Built by a bowhunter, for bowhunters...

Each and every Dry Creek bow is hand crafted with the bow hunter in mind. Quietness is our number one priority when designing a bow followed by a smooth draw and the speed it can send an arrow toward the game. We make our bows short for maneuverability in the woods and our limbs and tips thin to transfer as much power as possible into the arrow.

Simplicity at its best, our bows are designed and meant to take game, period. Looking good is just a side benefit.
Dry Creek Bow Company was started in 2011 by me and my wife Jessica. I started shooting longbows a few years ago and decided that I would try my hand at making them...so here we are offering the traditional bowhunter a top of the line custom longbow for a reasonable price. We currently offer two different styles of hybrid longbows, the Brush Wolf, which is a sweet shooting, quiet, high performance reflex/deflex and the Red Wolf recurve. Both models offer outstanding performance with no hand shock and are very quiet and smooth! All of our bows are made by a bowhunter for bowhunters! Thank you for considering a bow from Dry Creek Bows!

God Bless!
Chris and Jessica Hackworth
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